The Active Recovery Network team knows that a solid and inspired recovery is possible. We believe in helping our clients move beyond their “addict-self” and help them create a more compelling vision of their future self to live into. We help our clients move toward rather than away from things. We support our clients to close the book on their old chapter and to write the script of what their days and life will look like as we move forward with them.

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Letter from the Founder

BrittonDear Future Active Recovery Network Client,

We are glad you found us. Rest assured you have found something quite different, likely the exact thing you have been looking for. Our program, our approach, our team and our culture are all progressive and refreshing and are ready to help you take that next step toward recovery, toward independence, and in the direction of your goals and dreams.

We believe in you. We believe in your ability to change and to leave your past behind. It will be challenging and when you want to give up, we are here to encourage, challenge and inspire you! We don’t believe that addiction has to be a life-long sentence. We believe it is part of the human condition that can be overcome and left behind in pursuit of a more compelling future self. We know it. We see this reality daily in our clients and in our staff.

I began my work in community-based mental health and addiction recovery support in 2004 after working at a men’s treatment facility in Colorado for several years. I was fresh out of graduate school and was completely shocked at the relapse rates and at the fact that no one really seemed to be talking about it or doing much to effectively change it either in house or in the industry at large. This lead to me teaming up with the clinical director of the treatment center in starting a community-based transition and recovery program in 2004. I have been doing this work ever since and still maintain the view that we should be shocked and we should be doing something different. This view informs the Active Recovery Network program and keeps us engaged and creative in our work with our clients and families and professionals in the community.

The Active Recovery Network team knows that solid recovery is possible and also knows the sanity that lies underneath chronic mental health conditions. We believe in moving toward rather than away from something. We also believe in experiencing our feelings and learning from the moment in a way that opens us up to ourselves and to others. We help our clients close the book on their old chapter, to dream big dreams and to move in the direction of those dreams daily. We use evidence-based practices, collaborate with our clients in a dynamic way to challenge, inspire and empowering our clients to build a life of community, activity, personal meaning and purpose.

My story, too, is one of overcoming and of living a life of purpose and inspiration. I invite you to join us, to speak to former clients, families, and professionals, and to discover why Active Recovery Network is the right team to help you take your next steps in the right direction.

We look forward to meeting you. Stay positive!
Britton H. Turkett – Founder & Director


What makes Active Recovery Network different?
Active Recovery Network specializes in post-treatment, pre-treatment and concurrent with treatment work in the “real world”. This is where relapse or dysfunction happens and where healing, connection, and thriving takes place. We are a program and community that supports our clients to explore their values and strengths, to find their purpose and to connect with their wise selves and walk their truth in the world. ARN is not “recovery coaching” in a stand alone service, we take a more comprehensive team approach and work with an Integrated Recovery and Wellness Plan with each client.
Do you do groups?
The majority of our work is 1:1. We do have optional weekly psycho-education and life skills groups that include: mindfulness, goal setting, Recovery Hierarchy of Needs ®, personal finance curriculum, and cooking. We also have a large social group with over 100 members who meet in the community to hike, surf, eat meals together, have coffee, book clubs, movies, and other healthy, sober, fun activities.
What is the length of your program?
The length of our program is as diverse as our clientele and is base on their evolving needs.  We typically do not work with clients for less than three months, at a variety of hours per week. We also have worked with clients for several years. These clients might start with us at 10 hours per week and then reduce the amount that we meet and work a maintenance program that meets their needs. This could be 2-4 hours per week or could look like volunteering with our social programs, thus still maintaining a health connection with us.
Where do people live when they work with you?
Our clients live in a wide variety of settings. Some live with their parents, others live in their own homes, apartments, in sober living homes, the dorms or with roomates.
Do you require drug tests?
We do not necessarily require our clients to have drug tests. This, as with everything, will depend on the specific client’s history and the desired outcomes of our goals together. We do find random drug tests, medication assisted treatment, daily self-reports and other long-term recovery-maintenance program elements to be very supportive of our client’s ability to recover.
What if a client relapses?
Relapse will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. This depends on the drug, the amount and route of use, and on the history of the client. Hospitalization or detox might be needed or it may be sufficient to increase hours, increase random urine screens, apply behavioral interventions, medication assisted treatment options, motivational interviewing, or work with a behavioral contract. This might also be a reason to refer the client to a higher level of care if needed.
What if a client is not compliant with medication schedule or protocol?
Med non-compliance is something that we work with frequently. We support our clients to utilize a medication binder, to track their track their experiences, symptoms, moods and thoughts about the effectiveness of certain medications and to discuss these with us and with their psychiatrist.
Who is NOT a fit for your program?
Clients who are any of the following are not a fit to work with Active Recovery Network; actively using and unwilling to change their use pattern, actively suicidal or homicidal, not medically fit to live independently, actively psychotic and not medicated, those with eating disorders, and clients who cannot live independently.
What are the expectations of the family?
The family must be engaged in the change and growth process. We have weekly phone calls with our parents and families and they must be willing to work with us as a team and take our direction from time-to-time. We work by stepping into the family system, alleviating some of the unhelpful roles that the parents have chosen or had to take on, and support them in reorienting to being the parents of their loved when rather the case manager, interventionist and rules maker. We ask both our clients and our parents to direct anxiety, concern and challenges to us so that we can help orchestrate and facilitate the therapeutic process of change, growth and healing.
Do you take insurance?
We do not take insurance at this time but are private pay.
How much does the program cost?
The cost of the program depends on a couple of variables: if payment is up front, amount of hours, services, etc. A la Carte services start at $115/hour and discount packages start at 6 hours of services per week, include some case management hours and parent calls, and slide down in price with increased hours per month. We can do anywhere between 2 – 14  hours of client contact per week.
Do you give refunds?
We do give refunds under certain conditions. We work to mitigate this by having our clients commit to shorter periods of work with us. This is detailed in the client contract and is agreed to before we begin our work together. Refunds are processed within 60 days as outlined in each client contract.
The Active Recovery Network team is wonderful. Their in-home, discrete support, along with their travel companionship, were essential to me in my early recovery. Though I’d had 8 years sober before returning to treatment this time, the support and exploration of a what a meaningful recovery could really look like was refreshing. Young or old, I would suggest working with Britton and his team. It could save your life. Eric C – Former adult/executive client
Active Recovery Network was a Godsend. After many, many treatment stays over 8 years, Britton and his team was able to not only help our daughter continue in her recovery. My daughter’s psychiatrist connected us with Active Recovery Network and they were able to help her learn the life skills she did not have and to gain a sense of her values and direction in her life. We are pleased to write this whole-hearted recommendation. So many thanks!Bob and Kristi J – Parents of a former adult female client
Active Recovery Network, led by Britton Turkett, has been Practical Recovery’s primary provider of recovery coaching and support. We’d like almost all of our clients to work with a coach. I’ve seen Britton do amazing work. I recommend him highly.Tom Horvath, Ph.D – Founder of Practical Recovery Inc. and President of SMART Recovery
Britton and Active Recovery Network were a lifeline when we thought all hope was lost for our son. The wisdom, patience, strategy and compassion shown by Britton is truly amazing. We’ve seen countless programs and rehabs and their failings. Britton’s personal approach and accurate assessment helped move our son to recovery. His candor and calmness in crisis sustained not only our son but us. We only wish we’d found him sooner. Joyce C – Mother of a former young adult male client
We are always looking for great team members who will be able to contribute to the company culture and do great work with clients and families. Please submit a cover letter and resume and indicate if you are looking to team up with us in San Diego, Orange County or Los Angeles (Culver City and Santa Monica areas). We look forward to being in touch with you soon.

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