Letter from the Founder

We are glad you found us. Rest assured you have found something quite different. For many, we are exactly the program clients and families have been looking for for years. Welcome!! Our program, our approach, our team and our culture are all progressive and refreshing. We are ready to help you take those next steps toward recovery, toward independence, and in the direction of your goals and dreams.

We believe in you. We believe in your ability to change and to leave your past behind. It will be challenging, but if and when you want to give up, we are here to encourage, challenge and inspire you to keep moving in the right direction! We don’t believe that addiction has to be a life-long sentence. We believe that for some it is a part of the human condition that can be overcome and left behind in pursuit of a more compelling future self. We don’t just believe it, we know it. We see this quite often with our clients.

I began my work in community-based mental health and addiction recovery support in 2004 after working at a men’s treatment facility in Colorado for several years. I was fresh out of graduate school and was completely shocked at the relapse rates and at the fact that no one really seemed to be talking about it or doing much to effectively change it either in house or in the industry at large. This lead to me teaming up with the clinical director of the treatment center in starting a community-based transition and recovery program in 2004. I have been doing this work ever since and still maintain the view that we should be shocked and we should be doing something different. This view informs the Active Recovery Network program and keeps us engaged and creative in our work with our clients and families and professionals in the community.

The Active Recovery Network team knows that solid recovery is possible and also knows the sanity that lies underneath chronic mental health conditions. We believe in moving toward rather than away from something. We also believe in developing a needs and feelings literacy so we can better take care of ourselves, have better and more fulfilling relationships, and move consistently in the direction of our short and long term goals. We use evidence-based practices, collaborate with our clients in a dynamic way to challenge, inspire and empower them to build a life of community, action, personal meaning and purpose.
My story, too, is one of overcoming and of living a life of purpose and inspiration. I invite you to join us, to speak to former clients, families, and professionals, and to discover why Active Recovery Network is the right team to help you in your next step.
We look forward to meeting you. Stay positive!

Britton H. Turkett
– Founder & Director

Our Team

Britton H. Turkett, M.A.

Founder & Director

Jessica Turkett, M.A.

Program Director

Alana Wegel, M.S.

Clinical Case Manager & Therapeutic Coach

Richard Kohler, Psy.D.

Clinical Case Manager & Therapeutic Coach

Sunny Sangha, MS, Ph.D. Candidate

Clinical Case Manager & Therapeutic Coach

Jam Ison

Program Administrator