Why Clients & Families Love Working with Active Recovery Network

Why Clients & Families Love

Working with Active Recovery Network


 Increased Client  Engagement

 Detect Early Signs of Relapse

Increase Medication

Seamless Care

 Clinical Coaching Curriculum

  Ongoing Support & Accountability

Parent Coaching & Support

Active Recovery Network’s Founder has been doing In-Home Coaching & Case Management and building teams since 2004. SInce 2012, Active Recovery Network has been the industry’s go-to referral source to help clients make recovery, and a life well-lived, possible.


Dimensions of In-Home Support

  • Primary Mental Health
    We work are skilled in working with primary mental health disorders (excluding eating disorders or those with active suicidality or homicidality.) We are experts in providing in-home, and community-based, integrated case management and coaching. We coordinate care with psychiatrists, therapists, and other providers to support medication compliance, symptom management, and client growth. We support families through weekly calls and coaching. We can also provide intensive case management for those needing 2-3, 90-minute meetings per week. A great adjunct or alternative to another treatment stay.
  • Substance Used Disorders
    We can meet with clients while they are still using to reduce use and harm, can support them in getting into treatment, as well as help clients while they are in IOP/PHP, and support clients after they leave detox, a hospital stay, or as they are exiting treatment to integrate what they have learned back into their lives to help them build a successful recovery and meaningful life.
  • Life & Wellness Coaching
    Many of our clients do not have significant mental health or substance use challenges but feel stuck and want more out of life. Our coaches work well with those who are looking to create more meaningful lives, clarify their goals, and who could benefit from weekly coaching meetings and follow up accountability calls. Our curriculum and model works well to help adolescents and adults at any life stage to gain clarity, increase motivation, feel better about themselves, and start moving in a good direction.


How We Partner & Collaborate

  • Pre-Treatment
    Providers and parents utilize us to help reduce harm, increase medication compliance, and engage motivation to change. If a client would benefit more from in-home support rather than residential treatment, or if they need more support and engagement while engaging in outpatient treatment or therapeutic support, we can be a good partner to provide additional support and coaching to both clients and parents.
  • Concurrent with Treatment
    For select residential, PHP, & IOP treatment programs, we facilitate weekly coaching groups and provide 1:1 coaching that both fosters increased engagement while in treatment and supports them in the discharge planning and aftercare process. This greatly improves treatment outcomes and supports your program in prioritizing aftercare and discharge planning through seamless care coordination through the continuum of care. We also partner with programs to work with clients and families while clients are engaged in a PHP or IOP level of care if increased and integrated coaching and support would be beneficial.
  • Integrated Aftercare Support
    Discharge planning and care coordination post treatment is where the industry often fails clients and families. This is a pain point that Active Recovery Network has been working to solve, and helping programs address, for over a decade. This is the place where relapse or recovery happen and it’s ARN’s job to attend to this daily. A continued care plan and program is not only needed for the client, but it’s an ethical duty for treatment providers. We are happy to partner with the most ethical programs in San Diego to ensure the proper level of care and support.