Hoda Firouzian AMFT, MS
Clinical Case Manager & Therapeutic Coach

The mark of my journey as a coach, as a case manager and a counselor started when I was 12 years old, the events following my 12th birthday shaped who I am today. They were the motivation behind my decision to pursue my education and career in Counseling and Coaching. Running away from the tyranny of Iran, we landed in the United States without knowing what is ahead of us. And here I am 25 years later as a case manager and a coach, educating and helping my clients with their challenges and obstacles in life. My family and I entered America as refugees and had no idea where to start from.

We escaped from my motherland due to religious persecution, we walked through the mountains, rode on the back of a donkey, and drove on the back of a truck to flee from all the danger. As refugees, we stayed in a border city called Agri in Turkey, at a refugee camp for a year until we migrated to the United States. That’s when one of our most exciting journeys began. Rising over all the challenges and difficulties facing us throughout this journey, I discovered the true purpose of my career and why I chose this field.