Joe Ombrello, MA / Clinical Case Manager and Therapeutic Coach

Joe has had a very diverse career that has encompassed almost every domain in the helping professions. He started off mentoring economically disadvantaged youth in Ohio in 2001. Since then he has worked as a case manager in therapeutic group homes with neglected and abused children, a counselor working with adolescent sexual abusers and behaviorally challenged adolescents, a behavioral specialist working with families of adjudicated youth, an investigator at the department of child safety, an army officer where he led a scout platoon, an opposing forces platoon, a team leader of a civil affairs team, and a company commander of a drill sergeant unit, a police officer where he worked on patrol and street crimes, and as a therapist working with adjudicated youth in the drug court program. He has learned all about the human condition in multiple different capacities and sees the importance of helping individuals reach a state of wellness.

Joe has a B.A. in Liberal Studies and Psychology and a M.Ed. in human relations from Northern Arizona University. He is currently completing a second master’s degree in social work to become a licensed clinical social worker. He also has vast knowledge of CrossFit and yoga and has coached as an owner of both a CrossFit gym in Ohio and Wellness Center in Arizona. He has helped many people achieve a state of physical health and emotional wellness through his practices and wants to help as many people as possible reach their desired goals.

Joe has a very structured life that he has developed through his own personal wellness pursuit. He is always trying to find the optimal state of balance. He has integrated CrossFit, yoga, hiking, meditation, mindfulness, and jiu-jitsu into his life as ways to build skills and awareness. He believes that every person has the ability to achieve their full potential should they choose to develop the skills, awareness, and fortitude to make it come to fruition. He believes that everyone should be able to overcome the barriers and obstacles that are stopping them from reaching their goals.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new… Socrates