Sunny Sangha, MS, Ph.D. Candidate
Clinical Case Manager & Therapeutic Coach

Sunny Sangha was raised in a quaint British village, where he spent the initial two decades of his life surrounded by the simplicity of the countryside. He spent the third decade of his life in the hustle of London, navigating the maze of academic and professional exploration. His academic background was built upon the hard sciences, earning a bachelor’s in biomedical science, and two master’s degrees in biotechnology and clinical research. During his time at Imperial College, Sunny’s research focus on the gut-brain connection altered his perception of the human being to one that is more holistic and interconnected. He went on to work with the division of brain sciences who were acclaimed for their research into the effects of psychedelics on treatment-resistant mental health conditions.

Sunny learned that his personality and passion was not suited for the lab, but more so with people. He undertook a course in psychotherapy and counselling and began working with children and adults. Several years were spent within home treatment teams in the NHS, where he worked with clients with diverse diagnoses undergoing acute mental health crises. In 2021, California’s sun beckoned, and Sunny began his PhD in Clinical Psychology which is set to finish in 2025 once his thesis is completed. Sunny’s wellness approach is a down to earth integration of body, mind, and spirit, weaving the threads of his personal experiences and interest in eastern approaches, with his professional background in the hard sciences and modern psychology.