The value of ARN is in our individualized and flexible approach to building and maintaining health, wellness, and independence.

At Active Recovery Network we offer individualized therapeutic coaching and case management support for individuals and families.

So, what exactly does therapeutic coaching even mean?

  • Therapeutic coaching is a blend of psychotherapeutic approaches commonly used by therapists and practices used by life coaches to build new habits to meet your goals.
  • Generally, therapists focus on an individual’s cognitions from their past and present, while therapeutic coaches typically focus more on an individual’s behaviors in the present and future.
  • All of our coaches have master’s level degrees in mental health counseling or social work.

At Active Recovery Network, we aim to support people in building new habits and routines while taking action towards their short and long-term goals – all while having an empathetic and therapeutic understanding of their past.

This may look like:

Creating a plan for individuals and families on what to do when life gets rocky
Learning how to establish and maintain boundaries
Practicing coping skills in the real world, in front of triggers in “real time”
Coaching on needs and feelings literacy
Psychoeducating on mental health diagnoses

If you’d like to learn more about our approach, let’s set up a meeting!