Active Recovery Network was founded in 2012. ARN’s flagship service is our in-home, post-treatment clinical case management and coaching.

In our work with more than 50 treatment centers and treatment professionals since 2012 we have continued to evolve to meet emergent needs. In addition to our post-treatment services we now offer in-home pre-treatment services and have added support for clients, families and providers to support those in need who are choosing to leave treatment against medical advice.

Active Recovery Network’s Full Continuum of Services & Care:

Pre]Hab Recovery Network


AMA Partnerships

(Concurrent with treatment)

Active Recovery Network

(our flagship post-treatment services)

[Pre]Hab Recovery Network

Intervention I

An Intervention I client is one who either does not meet criterion for admission or does not necessarily need to go into detox or residential treatment for mental health or drug and alcohol abuse. We work with them on an outpatient basis.

Intervention II

This service level is the more traditional intervention. We utilize an eclectic blend and precise application of intervention models to meet the client at their stage of change. These interventions can range from a two-hour meeting to working with the client and family for a month or more, engaging them in the Intervention I process.

Referral and Care Coordination

We work with dozens of treatment centers and support our clients in the admission, treatment planning and care coordination process with detox, hospitals, PHP/IOP programs, sober living homes and other treatment professionals. We are able to help our clients and families engage in the treatment process by supporting them in navigating the entire continuum of care.

AMA Partnerships

We have increasingly been asked by detox, residential and outpatient treatment providers to connect with clients who have left against medical advice and help them re-engage in treatment. These began as referral relationships but more partnerships are being formalized as we continue partnering with select facilities to work with high-risk clients to help them stay in treatment.

Active Recovery Network (our flagship service)

ARN is a post-treatment, in-home clinical case management, recovery and wellness-coaching program that utilizes recovery and coaching professionals to facilitate and support successful mental health and addiction recovery. The ARN team utilizes best practices and implements strengths-based, solutions-focused and mindfulness based processes to engage our clients in creating healthy, meaningful lives. We have an extensive curriculum, drawn from and created in the field during our work with clients and families over the last 15 years.

Active Recovery Network Menu of Services Include:


– Team Support and 1:1 Client Focus
– Psychotherapy and Drug and Alcohol Counseling
– Relapse Prevention Plan (Pocket Relapse Prevention Plan®)
– Case Management and Crisis Management
– Resume Building and Employment Assistance
– Weekly Family Calls, Education and Planning
– Couples Therapy
– Transition and Integrated Wellness Planning
– Recovery Coaching and Life Coaching
– Mentoring and Advocacy
– Comprehensive Life Skills Curriculum (including Life Hacking Tips) (“hard skills)
– Comprehensive Recovery Skills Curriculum ® (“soft skills”)


– Optional Psycho-educational and Skills Groups
– Weekly Parent Support and Education Calls
– Education and Vocation Support
– Recovery and Sobriety Monitoring
– Medication Management and Training
– Daily and Long-term Monitoring Support (including urine screens, daily self-report calls, text messages, Skype calls, and more.)
– Volunteer Groups
– Positive Peer Culture building
– Active Recovery Network’s own social recovery group (100+ local members who meet regularly to hike, have bonfires at the beach, go surfing, meet at coffee shops, have book clubs, play board games, have dinner, and more.)
– Clinical Support and Liaison Services 
– Travel, Accompaniment and Companionship Services
– Distance Coaching Program and Support


– Psychological Assessments
– Psychiatry
– Psychologist
– Random Urine Screens
– 12 Step, SMART Recovery, and/or other recovery groups
– Referral services and partnering with treatment providers, hospitals and interventionists as needed

Benefits that our Clients, Families and Community Professionals Have Reported in Working with Active Recovery Network

– Increased medication compliance
– Follow through with treatment recommendations
– Dramatically increased life skills proficiency 
– Increased stress management and distress tolerance
– Increased utilization of a relapse prevention plan
– Decreased risk of relapse and shorter relapse due to continued monitoring
– Legal documentation of sobriety for court (if applicable and desired)
– Professional Recovery Advocates for clients with legal issues
– Wrap around support, case management and coordination of care
– Great utilization of community supports and social networks to increase positive outcomes and to create sustainable positive peer culture
– Great response time (by phone, email or text)