The Active Recovery Network team has several decades of experience working with clients in acute hospital and residential treatment settings, intensive outpatient programs, transition living programs, sober livings, independent living settings and as individual therapists, counselors, mentors, advocates and coaches.

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What makes Active Recovery Network different?
Active Recovery Network specializes in post-treatment, pre-treatment and concurrent with treatment work in the “real world”. This is where relapse or dysfunction happens and where healing, connection, and thriving takes place. We are a program and community that supports our clients to explore their values and strengths, to find their purpose and to connect with their wise selves and walk their truth in the world. ARN is not “recovery coaching” in a stand alone service, we take a more comprehensive team approach and work with an Integrated Recovery and Wellness Plan with each client.
What is the length of your program?
The length of our program is as diverse as our clientele and is base on their evolving needs.  We typically do not work with clients for less than three months, at a variety of hours per week. We also have worked with clients for several years. These clients might start with us at 10 hours per week and then reduce the amount that we meet and work a maintenance program that meets their needs. This could be 2-4 hours per week or could look like volunteering with our social programs, thus still maintaining a health connection with us.
Where do people live when they work with you?
Our clients live in a wide variety of settings. Some live with their parents, others live in their own homes, apartments, in sober living homes, the dorms or with roomates.
Do you require drug tests?
We do not necessarily require our clients to have drug tests. This, as with everything, will depend on the specific client’s history and the desired outcomes of our goals together. We do find random drug tests, medication assisted treatment, daily self-reports and other long-term recovery-maintenance program elements to be very supportive of our client’s ability to recover.
What if a client relapses?
Relapse will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. This depends on the drug, the amount and route of use, and on the history of the client. Hospitalization or detox might be needed or it may be sufficient to increase hours, increase random urine screens, apply behavioral interventions, medication assisted treatment options, motivational interviewing, or work with a behavioral contract. This might also be a reason to refer the client to a higher level of care if needed.
What if a client is not compliant with medication schedule or protocol?
Med non-compliance is something that we work with frequently. We support our clients to utilize a medication binder, to track their track their experiences, symptoms, moods and thoughts about the effectiveness of certain medications and to discuss these with us and with their psychiatrist.
Who is NOT a fit for your program?
Clients who are any of the following are not a fit to work with Active Recovery Network; actively using and unwilling to change their use pattern, actively suicidal or homicidal, not medically fit to live independently, actively psychotic and not medicated, those with eating disorders, and clients who cannot live independently.
What are the expectations of the family?
The family must be engaged in the change and growth process. We have weekly phone calls with our parents and families and they must be willing to work with us as a team and take our direction from time-to-time. We work by stepping into the family system, alleviating some of the unhelpful roles that the parents have chosen or had to take on, and support them in reorienting to being the parents of their loved when rather the case manager, interventionist and rules maker. We ask both our clients and our parents to direct anxiety, concern and challenges to us so that we can help orchestrate and facilitate the therapeutic process of change, growth and healing.
Do you take insurance?
We do not take insurance at this time but are private pay.
How much does the program cost?
Program cost depends on the prescription of services recommendation after the phone screen and initial assessment is completed. Intervention services start at $250/hour and clinical case management and recovery coaching and support start at $140/hour and slide down in hourly rate as the weekly hours increase. Case Management services and mileage reimbursement are additional.