Jacob Schwartz, MSW / Clinical Case Manager & Therapeutic Coach

From a young age, Jacob has been a firm believer in the power of the spirit, fascinated by the wealth of creativity and inspiration latent in all human beings and their capacity for personal growth and transformation. While his passion for creative pursuits initially led him to the path of studying English at the University of California, Berkeley, during the time he spent there Jacob discovered that his true passion lies in working with people.

Shortly after starting out as a 4th-6th grade Hebrew and Judaica teacher at Beth El in Berkeley, Jacob expanded his foray into the world of education by starting his own tutoring company – Modern Melamed Tutoring, which provides one-on-one support to students of all ages studying subjects ranging from traditional Moroccan cantorial singing and classical piano lessons to English, Algebra and beyond. While working one-on-one with clients of all ages, Jacob witnessed the great need for individual attention, guidance and support that existed for young adults in particular, and realized the enormous impact that he could have on the lives of others by providing enthusiastic encouragement and a helping hand.

After spending five years educating young adults and serving as a motivational force for teens as the youth advisor of East Bay USY, Jacob decided to continue his education and begin graduate studies at the Wurzweiler School of Social Work. During his first year he worked as the ASW Intern at Healthy Life Recovery, where he served as a case manager and therapist working one-on-one with clients in recovery from addiction and struggling with dual-diagnoses including depression, anxiety, ADHD and OCD. Jacob was elated to discover Active Recovery Network and the uniquely vast array of individual services we provide, believing that our client-centered approach represents the highest level of support and attention that clinical case managers can provide to their clients. Jacob delights in building rapport with each and every one of his clients, supporting them in attaining the fulfillment of achieving their short and long term goals while also developing new coping mechanisms and cultivating their unique creative pursuits.

When he is not with his clients, Jacob can be found reading fantasy novels, composing songs and poetry, playing piano, and tinkering with collectible miniatures. Throughout each moment, Jacob is dedicated to cultivating his motivation and honing his willpower, and is always pushing himself towards achieving new goals and trying new things.