Ms. Minion Garner, LMSW
Clinical Case Manager & Therapeutic Coach

My professional goals have always centered around an inherent desire to assist and empower others so that they may cultivate their best self. I set about my career in Social Work over 20 years ago with beginnings in case management and advocacy work while I pursued my undergraduate studies at Mercy College (New York State). I went on to complete Fordham University’s esteemed Advanced Standing Program within their Graduate School of Social Service, earning my master’s degree (Social Work) in one year with a concentration in “Clinical Studies”. Once postgraduate professionally working, I continued to foster my passions (what I believe is a responsibility) for volunteer work: donating time and affiliation to the New York Drop the Rock Legislative Reform Initiative (to provide sentencing discretion), Friends of Rikers Island Program as well as long-term volunteer affiliations with Daytop & Renaissance (well-known treatment facilities on the East Coast where I relocated from this year).  
I have practiced throughout my entire professional career with the Social Work foundation of “The Strength’s Perspective” at the core of all interactions and the guiding principle of all clinical treatment, goal setting and assessment with clients- it is the ever-present belief that ALL people inherently possess strengths, capability for success and that clients feel great dignity propelled by realizing these strengths through self- identified goals and progress. Within this direct practice, I have accumulated 15+ years direct clinical individual practice with clients; I have also led mutual aid groups & evidence-based programs (among other modalities). I am very fortunate to have studied directly under the guidance of Dr. Alex Gitterman (nationally regarded for his presentation of SW principles); I have earned over 50 post graduate certifications and specializations through the New York State Office of Addiction, Services and Supports. I have also been a speaker (keynote & co- presenter) at engagements throughout the New York Metropolitan Area (around co-occurring disorders, addiction: individual and group treatment…).
Ultimately, if I could convey one thing, it would be: I did not “choose” this profession; Social Work, (helping others) CHOSE ME and I am honored to bring my experience from the vast populations I worked with in metropolitan NY to the great state of California and furthermore, Active Recovery Network, a wonderful agency providing much needed direct service.