In the realm of addiction recovery and mental health treatment, the traditional model of therapy often falls short of helping clients achieve long-term success and recovery despite the efforts of great people and good programs. The reason for this, and solution to this problem, is because we need to go one step further. If you’ve ever heard the story, “Three Feet from Gold”, you know what I’m talking about. At Active Recovery Network (ARN), we have decades of experience with community-integrated (in-home) therapeutic coaching, inspired in part by the Physicians Health Program—a model renowned for its exceptional (nearly inverse of traditional treatment programs) success rates.

The Power of Community-Integrated Therapeutic Coaching

At ARN, we see every day the profound impact of therapeutic coaching within the familiar and supportive environment of a client’s home and community. Our approach is rooted in the understanding that recovery is a deeply personal journey that thrives on real-world application and daily reinforcement. By embedding our services within the client’s daily life, we foster sustainable mental health and SUD recovery practices that extend beyond the confines of a therapist’s office. Our team’s ability to coordinate care with providers, support medication adherence, and coach and support families provides the opportunity to engage in the daily dynamic work is the key to successful outcomes.

Why Clients, Families, and Referring Professionals Choose Active Recovery Network

Clinically-informed Coaching Model

Our Masters and doctorate level staff function as coaches and utilize best practices from both disciplines to create an informed, comprehensive, and dynamic model that can meet emergent client and family needs. This model allows us to both skilfully attune to the psychological and emotional needs of the client while being skilled at using coaching tools to map, engage, challenge, and inspire clients to reach their goals.

Holistic and Personalized Care

Clients and their families appreciate the holistic nature of our services. The recovery path is not just about taking your meds or abstaining from harmful behaviors but about rebuilding a meaningful and fulfilling life. Our coaches address all aspects of a client’s well-being— psychological, emotional, physical, spiritual, social, educational, vocational, financial, and more —crafting personalized plans that resonate with each individual’s goals, values, and needs.

Enhanced Family Involvement

Family dynamics play a crucial role in recovery. We actively involve family members in the therapeutic coaching process, providing education, support, and guidance to help them become effective allies in their loved one’s journey. This collaborative approach strengthens familial bonds and creates a nurturing environment conducive to recovery.

Professional Endorsement

Referral professionals—whether treatment centers, psychiatrists, therapists, education consultants, and more — recognize the value of our community-integrated model. They trust us to deliver exceptional care that complements their efforts and enhances overall treatment outcomes. Our seamless integration with other healthcare providers ensures a coordinated and comprehensive approach to recovery and life.

Real-World Application & Implementation

Our clients are not just equipped with theoretical knowledge but practical tools that they can apply in real-world scenarios. Whether we are supporting clients with anxiety or OCD exposures in a grocery store, helping them meal plan and prep at home, walking through a budget, or helping them to have a better relationship with their therapist or psychiatrist, we use the “real world” as the healing milieu. This allows them to gain trust in the process and, ultimately, trust in themselves.

Let Us Help Your Clients Go the Extra Mile

Active Recovery Network has been committed to revolutionizing the landscape of addiction and mental health treatment in San Diego for more than a decade. By bringing therapeutic coaching into the home and engaging with the community, we create a supportive, realistic, and effective pathway to lasting recovery and meaningful lives.

If you or someone you know is “Three Feet from Gold”, reach out to us today. Together, we are changing lives daily.

For more information or to get started, visit our website or contact us directly. Your journey to recovery starts here, at home, with ARN.