Why Kindness Matters Most

April 1, 2019

So, I was pretty mean to somebody recently. She didn’t deserve it at all, and it crushed me. It may sound dramatic, but it felt.

The Gentle Art of Blessing

February 26, 2019

by Pierre Pradervand On awakening, bless this day, for it is already full of unseen good which your blessings will call forth; for to bless is to acknowledge.

N.A.A.P. Time for Adults – Understanding the Utility of Mindfulness Practice

February 26, 2019

When I taught mindfulness at retreat centers, treatment facilities, the cancer center or 1:1 with coaching clients I have found that there is a lot.

The Keys to Success: Resilience, Optimism, Meaning & Purpose

February 18, 2019

The difference between those who “succeed” in life and those who do not very often lies in the level of optimism and resilience they have.

On Realizing I Was a Helicopter Parent, Too!!

February 6, 2019

Ok, soooo.. I got called out when I posted some pictures of my daughter learning to ride a bicycle. My sister commented, “Nice photo bombs,.

The Importance of Dreaming Big and Believing in Others

February 6, 2019

One of the most important things we can do for others is to keep dreaming big ourselves. This may sound odd or somewhat contradictory but.

Mindfulness is NOT a Self-Improvement Project

January 14, 2019

It took me 10 years of Buddhist practice and study to learn this lesson. It took me pursuing a Master’s Degree in Comparative Religious Studies.

How to Win Your 2019 With Ease

December 19, 2018

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love goals! I love setting goals, I love envisioning the future, dreaming big and trying to catch.

Allowing Heaven

November 15, 2018

I was going to write something beautiful and elaborate about how we can trap ourselves and create a self-limiting reality that becomes our norm or.

The Lost Art of Boredom

October 23, 2018

The best thing my mom ever did was ground me from church. Wait, that’s not true. The best thing my mom ever did was adopt.