Active Recovery Network is Proud to Announce
Active Recovery Solutions 
 A Turn-Key Aftercare Program

The Birth of Active Recovery Solutions

We did not plan to create this. But we are remarkably pleased to be able to offer these services to treatment programs to help them fulfill their visions and to improve their outcomes, client and alumni engagement. But we didn’t plan it, initially – we were just really good at it. We responded to emergent needs from clients, programs and clinicians and have hit a homerun for everyone. 
Active Recovery Solutions was born organically. Several of the residential treatment centers we were working with asked if we would provide our clinical case management, discharge planning, aftercare groups, transitional and in-home support and alumni building to support their clients. We said yes.  And now we’ve got it all dialed in for you and your program.

Active Recovery Network's

Turn-Key Active Recovery Solutions

Active Recovery Network is teaming up with residential treatment centers and outpatient clinical teams to provide clinical case management, discharge planning and transition services from day one of treatment.  Active Recovery Solutions offers several tiers of programming, from a fully staffed doctoral and master's level clinical team and turn-key curriculum and program (an integrated service model) to a less integrated yet seamless case management and aftercare planning and community-based support team who can still serve to support and execute on your companies vision. We work with your team to refine the services that fit your exact client, family, team and program needs. These services are often covered by insurance.

ARN Recovery Solutions Services Include:

  • In-House (RTC) 1:1 Clinical Case Management, Discharge and Transition Planning Curriculum
  • Weekly Transition Groups (RTC) IOP Transition Groups and Curriculum
  • Outpatient, Community-based Recovery and Transition Support Services
  • Aftercare Specific Groups
  • Alumni Program Design and Facilitation

If you are as excited as we are about this opportunity and would like to discuss how Active Recovery Solutions can support your team and your clients while supporting better outcomes and enhancing your bottom line please email us or give us a call. We look forward to working with you!