URGENT!! I’m convinced that our main problem, the biggest trouble that all of us are facing, is that we think we have time, and we do not. In my life it is becoming increasingly evident that my ability (or inability) to truly show up every day in my life, to act as if everything I do, and every person I meet, and everything that I think is of utmost importance. It is THE thing that defines my life, my level of happiness, satisfaction, and my unfolding.

I’m committing here forward to make my daily focus, my daily practice and my walk and work in life to wake up to this truth. If you’re interested at any level please join me.

In Buddhism it states that everything is stamped with the Dharma Seal. This seal is a combination of impermanence, emptiness, and liberation.

The gateway is the consistent recognition of impermanence. The key to staying aware of this is to remember the idea of impermanence, to be able to call it to mind (to snap out of our nodding off). Then we move toward our experience and more fully and directly interact with the world and people in it. Allow yourself to be shocked into being present by your everyday situation. Don’t numb out to it. It will be gone and you will regret that. Practice as if your hair is on fire, they say. Because it is on fire. If it’s not, set it on fire. This is it! Everyday, every interaction is IT!

The second part of the Dharma seal is emptiness. This just means blankness or openness to possibility. The truth is you never know. You never know what’s possible, you never know somebody completely, so keep leaning in and being curious. Get to know them again, and again, and again. Or, you kill it. The moment and the relationship. You are standing on the bank of this ever-flowing river of the other. This constant flow can’t be known. You can’t step in the same river or relationship twice. Be an explorer. Be a scientist. Pay very close attention to each breath, each eyeball. Every thought, each interaction. Explore your resistance and your doubt. Push through it and develop resiliency skills and optimism – you’ll find that it’s worth it. This takes willingness and invulnerability. And it takes trust in the process. But that comes easily after you do it a couple of times.

And lastly, liberation. The liberation piece is not about becoming enlightened or some other idea. It is saying that everything is inherently self-liberating. When you truly pay attention and when you open up to things without expectation, with gentleness and with curiosity, you are able to truly experience something in a way that’s beyond concept. You’re able to step into the NOW. That 4th moment. The convergence of past, present and future. When you are truly able to move in the world in this way everything is important. Everything is illuminated! And everything is revealed. Every moment. Without end.

Please join me, now. It’s URGENT! Don’t go back to sleep you will miss the people, the possibilities, the love and the experiences in your life. There is no tomorrow. Please don’t believe the hype!

Share what you do in your life to remember this so we can keep helping each other wake up! We are all together in this conditioning and in our slumber. Let’s help keep each other awake to all that awaits. It’s URGENT.