We all hear about life balance and it means something quite different to each of us. Whether we are young professionals, young adults or empty-nesters we are all looking to feel good in a way that allows the parts of our lives come together in a way that feels good, feels whole and makes sense.

We know, too, that life ebbs and flows. Sometimes we will need to be very focused on work, school, on our children, travel, relationships, etc. So maybe it helps to look at “life balance” on a broader timeline. And by doing this it can take some of the pressure of getting it “right”, of fitting everything in, of being a renaissance man or woman who can do everything and might rightly be illustrated as a combination of a Hindu diety with 18 arms combined with a juggler at a circus. No one I know wants that.

If you’ve read this far, maybe some thoughts on life balance or on time management might help with your organizing and prioritizing your days. Balance and prioritizing help us make sure that we spend our days doing things that matter, with the people we care about, toward goals that bring some meaning into our lives and inspire us.

Below are some thoughts and some actions that can help you move through your day in a way that  you can be sure you are covering some of the bases that are important to you. “Life balance”, like walking, is about being off balance in one direction and then taking another step, and being off balance in another direction – with intention.

Breathe in. Breath out. And enjoy the ride. 

1. Take a few minutes on Sunday evening to write down some of your goals or priorities for the week (these weekly goals may be related to bigger, “life list” goals)

2. Take time each evening to plan some of the action steps for the next day as they relate to your weekly goals

3. Work hard for 60 – 90 minutes, then take a break and get some fresh air

4. Practice setting boundaries and only committing to the things that you actually want to do

5. Make sure you are eating healthy, clean foods with protein, fat, and carbs each meal. Eat at least every 3.5 hours to maintain optimum blood sugar levels

6. Take a minute when you catch yourself doing a good job or following through with something that is on your list. We are our own harshest critics – train yourself to be your #1 fan!

7.Try to get an adequate amount of sleep each night. This varies a little for everyone – find your “sleep number”

8. Do something fun or rewarding each day

9. Do something nice for a friend, loved one or a stranger

10. Find a mentor or an accountability partner who helps keep you on track with your goals and weekly priorities

11. Surround yourself with awesome people who have similar goals and lifestyles to help you stay focused

12. Allow yourself a day or part of a day to be spontaneous (to sleep in, watch a movie, go on a hike, etc.)

13. Engage those mirror neurons and write down 3 things you are grateful for in the morning and reflect on them in the evening

14. Prepare your meals 2 times each week. Fill your fridge with health foods so you can fuel your body, mind and soul in a way that kicks ass!

15. Do something that de-stresses you, helps you relax and/or energizes you each day. Even if it’s laying down and following your breath for 3 minutes. This is a sort of nap time for adults. Do it 3x/day for 3 minutes and your decrease stress, increase productivity and support the body’s natural healing processes

16. Try to get outside each day for 10 – 15 minutes. For a walk, a jog, or just to lay down somewhere and watch the clouds or look at the stars