“The problem with therapy is that it makes you feel better but it doesn’t change anything.”

Let me just start by saying that I worked with a wonderful and life changing therapist about a decade ago that changed the course of my life forever. Her ability to attune, connect and help me open into not only solutions but into a wise and skillful way of moving through the world was incredibly impactful.

That said, I don’t see a lot of these therapists in the world today. This is our job if we do provide therapy or are in a similar helping role. We must find ways to be a catalyst for positive change, self-exploration and transformation or find a different line of work. Let us all find ways to stay fresh, positive and not become entrenched in a “job”, but instead to continue to grow and transform.

To cut to the chase, these good clinicians have done and are doing their own work. This work is not toward a fix per se. This work is opening into the great unknown, the final frontier, and that continued exploration of self and our relationships to others and the world.

We team up with a lot of great treatment providers and programs before, during and after treatment. We encourage every client we work with to bring a notebook to all of their therapy and treatment sessions. This way they can catch the aha moments, “catch yourself being sane”, and then reflect on them and string them together as precious jewels that make their life more beautiful and more meaningful and their path clearer and more uplifted.

Feeling better is wonderful, that is certain. But I think we can all do a better job of helping our clients and ourselves learn how to develop the thinking skills and practices to better translate insights into wisdom and into the path that they walk moment to moment.

As Ram Dass said, “We must be the space in which others come up for air.” Let’s always remember to keep doing the work ourselves so that we can help change everything for our clients and ourselves.