Enhancing Recovery: The Power of ARN’s Community-Based Integrated Coaching and care Management

In the journey towards recovery from substance use disorders, abuse, and the management of mental health disorders, the transition from residential or structured PHP/IOP is the critical phase where individuals face heightened risks of relapse and is the place Active Recovery Network has specialized in for over a decade. While completing a treatment program marks a significant milestone, maintaining mental health stability and/or sobriety requires ongoing support, engagement, monitoring, and guidance from trained professions. Our doctoral and master’s level staff utilize clinical and coaching experience and training in providing based integrated coaching and care management support and solutions. Here we’ll explore how partnering with Active Recovery Network can significantly improve client outcomes by leveraging the strength of such a unique, educated, connected, and engaged and trusted team and support system.

Reducing Relapse, Improving Outcomes – for both mental health and substance use disorders

Relapse rates following addiction treatment have held steady for decades, unfortunately. Despite the progress made during treatment, and the efforts and support from the staff, more often than not, the outcomes are poor. The reasons for this are varied and complex. But working with ARN is one solution that can significantly improve the recovery rates, client and family satisfaction, and treatment outcome for your program. To use a metaphor from track and field, without integrating Active Recovery Network into your treatment program work, your discharge planning process, or your into your client’s aftercare plan is akin to running only the first three legs of the 4×100 meter race. ARN is the anchor leg and we are able to move clients and families in the right direction for 12 years in San Diego, and for over 50 years collectively as a team. We use an integrated model that incorporates many modalities and models, including that of the physician’s health program, that has an 80% sobriety rate at the 5 year mark – the inverse of most treatment outcomes studies.

The Essential Role of Community-Based Support

Community-based, in-home, integrated coaching and care management (for both primary mental health and substance use disorders) offers a holistic and engaged approach to supporting individuals post-treatment. In working with Active Recovery Network, clients gain access to a diverse team of professionals who specialize in community-based, aftercare support. Here are a few ways our approach can make a difference:

  1. Personalized Support: Each client receives customized and targeted support designed to address their unique needs and circumstances. From identifying triggers to developing coping strategies, the coaching and care management team works closely with clients, families, and providers to create individualized plans for growth, recovery, and success.
  2. Comprehensive Resources: Active Recovery Network are doctorate and master’s level staff, specializing in coaching and care management for over a decade, who provide a wealth of knowledge, skills, and resources. We offer in-home 1:1 coaching and groups and support our clients to engage with other offerings and support services in the community to help them engage and build motivation, confidence, and agency.
  3. Continuity of Care: Transitioning from treatment back into daily life can be challenging, but with a dedicated team guiding the process, clients, families, and providers experience a smoother and more successful transition. By maintaining regular communication and check-ins, the coaching and care management team ensures that clients remain connected, supported, and engaged.
  4. Accountability and Motivation: Building accountability is crucial for maintaining mental health and substance use recovery. The community-based approach fosters a sense of accountability through regular interactions, goal-setting, and progress monitoring. Additionally, the encouragement and support from peers and professionals serve as powerful motivators, reinforcing positive behaviors and choices.
Partnering with Active Recovery Network

For organizations and treatment facilities seeking to enhance client outcomes, partnering with Active Recovery Network offers numerous benefits:

  1. Improved Retention and Success Rates: By integrating community-based support into the recovery process, organizations can significantly reduce relapse rates and increase client retention. The ongoing guidance and resources provided by Active Recovery Network contribute to long-term success.
  2. Enhanced Reputation & Positive Reviews: Partnering with a reputable organization like Active Recovery Network demonstrates a commitment to comprehensive care and client success. This will enhance your program’s reputation within the industry as well as attract more clients seeking holistic support.
  3. Expanded Resources: Collaborating with Active Recovery Network expands the range of resources available to clients, families, and program staff. This partnership will strengthen your company’s ability to provide the appropriate level of discharge planning and aftercare support. This shows your commitment to not orienting to aftercare as an afterthought.

By partnering with Active Recovery Network, you can provide your clients and families with the comprehensive support they need to succeed and thrive in recovery. Together we can make an even greater impact on the lives of those in need than we can do alone. Together we can inspire hope and confidence that the recovery of the lives our clients and families dreamed is possible.

Whether you specialize in the treatment of primary mental health disorders (e.g. schizophrenia, schizoaffective, bipolar, OCD, spectrum, depression, anxiety, ADHD, etc.) or substance use disorders, Active Recovery Network’s educated, time, and field-tested team has you covered.

Three Ways you can partner with Active Recovery Network today

Pre-treatment Referrals:

–        Clients who need in-home support but don’t necessarily meet admission criteria. ARN can work with them in their homes to reduce substance use, increase medication compliance, and team up with their psychiatrist or therapist while engaging them in our coaching and care management program.

Concurrent with Treatment: (while in residential or PHP/IOP)

–        Residential – ARN partners with residential treatment centers to run aftercare-focused coaching groups and 1:1 meetings while the clients are in treatment. We also support the discharge and aftercare planning process by providing integrated recovery solutions that can carry on after the client discharges from treatment. The clients and families can continue to work with ARN coaches and care managers after discharge or can work with the providers the ARN team has helped the client connect with during the Integrated Discharge Planning (IDP) process.

–        PHP/IOP – ARN partners with PHP/IOP programs to run groups and conduct 1:1 coaching and care management sessions. We can also work with clients and families “outside” of the program umbrella, independently, while coordinating care with each program team.

Post-treatment Referrals:

–        Integrated, community-based coaching and care management for those with primary mental health, substance use disorders, as well as those wanting life and wellness coaching support and solutions.

We’d love to connect with you to discuss how ARN can benefit your client, staff, and company triple bottom lines today!! You’ll be happy you did.