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( Recovery Network has formed a solid recovery support community that is very active in the San Diego area. Whether you are 15 or 81, have been through treatment, are a retired business executive, recent empty nester, experience in a quarter or mid-life crisis, or have been living in your parent’s basement smoking pot and playing video games, this is your recovery community.We get together for beach volleyball, hold picnics at farmer’s markets, watch Padre’s games, go on hikes, do yoga on the beach, go to concerts and art house movies, and more. We know that finding a positive peer network not only to increase the odds of success in our recovery but it also makes us feel normal and, we are finding, happier than we might have thought possible.This not a substitute for your AA, NA, SMART Recovery or other recovery-oriented meeting. But, you might find that it is a refreshing addition to it. Real people, doing real things in the real world. Join us and find out that this was a big part of what you have been missing.
Now Serving San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County

Join us for our Open House!! 
Solana Beach, CA location

Meet-and-greet and something to nibble on
When & Where
Thursday October 16th from 4pm – 7pm
437 S Hwy 101 Suite 220
Solana Beach, CA 92075
(above Rubio’s)
Call or email with questions
(858) 704-4264

90 in 90 in 90! Come join us in the Active Recovery Network Challenge!

We hear it all the time – “I’m just going to go to 90 in 90”. 90 AA meetings in 90 days. If you do, that is great! And I’m sure it will be of benefit. More often than not, however, if there is no monitoring or no one whom to be accountable to do – it doesn’t happen. And, if it does happen, is that enough.

We have a Challenge for you. 90 meetings and 90 miles in 90 days! Let’s add a third dimension to your recovery that will be sure to kick your recovery into high gear. We have some who have signed on to this and it is changing the way the relate to their bodies, their sleep, nutrition and hydration, and it is really enhancing their recovery work. If it is not 90 meetings, if AA is not your “bag”, then make it another kind of recovery meeting, a mindfulness practice or whatever you need to move things forward for you. It is all about commitment, consistency and follow through!!
The Active Recovery Network Challenge – we meet at La Jolla Shores at 7am Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Come walk, jog, or run your way to recovery and into a new health and wellness lifestyle. To meet the 90-in-90-in-90 Challenge requirement (whether with us in San Diego or on your own wherever you are) all you need to do is move 2.5 miles three times per week. That is 7.5 miles per week or 30 per month. Put three months of that together and you will have met the Challenge!!!Question: What would happen if every AA, NA, OA, Smart Recovery meeting around the world started with two laps around the block?Answer: We would a health and wellness revolution!!Won’t you come Join Us!!

PicturePRESS RELEASE !!! AUGUST 01, 2013  Active Recovery Network @ Crossfit Del Mar  (

Active Recovery Network announces a partnership with Crossfit Del Mar to offer classes and a growing fitness and lifestyle community for those looking to utilize exercise, fitness, nutrition and wellness to support them in their recovery. These groups are specifically for anyone who is either early or established in their recovery from drugs, alcohol, or a behavioral addiction (food, gambling, gaming, etc), those looking to utilize a fitness and wellness community in a harm reduction capacity, or for those who simply need to replace time and energy spent engaged in unhealthy activities with a community that is focused on creating healthy exercise, nutrition, stretching/mobility habits and creating a positive, supportive community. You will find a group of people with a wide range of exercise background, with a variety of fitness goals, all who are supportive and encouraging of you being the best version of yourself that you can be. This community has become like a second home and family to many of us – we look forward to you joining us!!Who: Active Recovery Network has partnered with Crossfit Del MarWhat: Crossfit classes for those in recovery or looking to utilize group fitness, wellness, nutrition and community to support them in living a healthy, active, recovery-oriented life style
 Crossfit Del Mar is located at 10447 Roselle St., Suite 1 San Diego, CA 92121 (located in Sorrento Valley between the 5 and the 805)
When: Starting Monday August 19th, 2013 we will offer classes on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 730pm and Saturdays at 11am.
Why: Frequent exercise and engagement with a recovery-oriented community are two pillars in a strong, stable recovery and we intend to build a self-empowering, diverse, inspired, fit and driven support community in San Diego
How: Come to an Active Recovery Network Crossfit class to try it out for free and meet others in the community.  If you like it you can sign up for 2 months at a significantly discounted rate. From there there are several different membership plans and rates that can fit your needs and that will allow you to continue to challenge yourself while building a solid and supportive Active Recovery Network. Call or email Active Recovery Network for more information. Active Recovery Network @ Crossfit Del Mar / Welcome to the Community that you have been looking for!